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Divorce Shouldn’t Be A Battle

No Court- Just Solutions

We want to help you avoid divorce court and come to a solution that works best for all parties.  Give us a call at 585-419-9100.

Divorce Shouldn't Be A Battle

Divorce Shouldn't Be A Battle

Richard A. Kaul, Esq. – Mediator/Attorney
290 Linden Oaks, Main Floor
Rochester, New York 14625

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process involving two opposing parties and an impartial third party (a Mediator) who suggests viable alternatives in negotiating an acceptable solution to a matrimonial dispute.

In mediation, effectiveness is measured by the mutually agreeable results reached by the conflicted parties. Mediation has proven successful in resolving custody issues, visitation schedules, private property disputes, debt management and other financial and family concerns. It is an affordable, objective alternative to litigation.

Who and What are Involved?

Once opposing parties have agreed to meet, a Mediator will sit down with them in a neutral, non-threatening setting and help identify problem areas, generate a series of options for solutions and negotiate with the parties. Finding common ground, exploring options and agreeing on solutions are the goals of every mediation session.

Time is Money

Mediation is a less stressful and more time efficient process than immediately going through the court system. Quality time equates to greater cost savings and opportunity for each party to move forward with plans for the future, whether it be reconciliation, separation or divorce.

Why Mediation is a Good Choice

• Completely confidential in a fair and neutral environment
• Less stressful and time consuming
• Informal and less expensive
• Focused, customized agreements can be negotiated
• Higher overall compliance rate on resolutions
• Parties have a greater degree of control over outcome
• Preserves relationships by establishing workable solutions and durable decisions
• Private process avoids publicly disclosing sensitive information in the open courts

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule an appointment, call me at 585-419-9100. If we determine by phone that all parties are interested, I will be glad to set up a mutually convenient date and time to meet, and as an experienced Mediator/Attorney either deal with personally sensitive questions about the mediation process or actually commence the first mediation session.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

Mediation sessions are billed at $225 per hour for the Mediator’s time. A retainer fee of $2,500 is required, from which amount the Mediator’s hourly fee and staff services are billed. Any unused portion of the retainer fee will be refunded to the parties.


Linden Oaks Mediation Services is located in my office at 290 Linden Oaks, Main Floor, Rochester, New York 14625 (off Route 441).

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